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Apr 25, 2023

Ann Molloy of Neptune’s Harvest delves deep into the benefits of their Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer product and shares valuable knowledge on the importance of using organic fertilizing products.

For almost 25 years, Ann has overseen the marketing and sales for the Neptune’s Harvest division of Ocean Crest Seafoods. This company came about to fully utilize 100% of the fish, by turning the gurry, everything that’s left after you filet a fish, into an organic fertilizer. In turn, this organic product saves waste, protects sea life, and provides customers all over the world with a safe, effective way to keep their gardens healthy and thriving. Arbico Organics has been selling their product for over 30 years and continues to recommend this fertilizer to those in need of healthy soil. Listen to this podcast to discover more about all that Neptune’s Harvest is doing to help reduce waste and utilize ingredients from the planet to provide people with a variety of fertilizers that will be sure to help gardens flourish!

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