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Apr 17, 2021

Wondering what to use in your grow and want to learn more about the basics of growing cannabis? Guest Chip Provost of RX Green Technologies shares his expert insight into growing and how and when to utilize RX Green Technologies great products.

 Rx Green Technologies produces a robust line of nutrients, supplements, cloning aids and additives catered to the cannabis industry. Their team of plant specialists and scientists as well as their cannabis-specific research and development facility ensure they provide only the highest quality products with maximum benefit to the grower. Their products are simple, effective and formulated for scalability in commercial facilities.

Chip discusses everything from cloning to why you want to grow only females to understanding the relationship between nutrients and pH to what are trichomes. He also shares important product information such as why you can or can’t mix certain products and what kind of practices and procedures to have to place to ensure growing success!

RX Green Technologies

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